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8 Amazing Johnny Depp Portraits

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Love him or hate him, Johnny Depp is a globally recognised face of Hollywood. Known for his outlandish characters and dramatic transformations for his roles Depp's portrayals have a place in most fans hearts, though for some merely admiring his films is not enough and so they go for the ultimate homage... an epic tattoo...and here are eight of the best!!

1). Cry Baby

A film that put him on the map, 'Cry Baby' saw Depp take on the role of the young 1950's teen heart throb and rebel Wade 'Cry Baby' Walker, famed for the ability of crying a single tear wade breaks into the hearts of all the ladies and even into some of his fans.

Stunning Portrait of Cry Baby by Bez from 'Off the map Tattoo'
Stunning Portrait of Cry Baby by Bez from 'Off the map Tattoo'

2). Raoul Duke

Playing the drug fuelled Raoul Duke launched Depp's career tenfold and created a globally recognisable image of the cigarette smoking Duke and his outlandish life

3). Edward Scissorhand's 

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Another early role for Depp was the blade fingered boy of Edward Scissorhand's, safely securing his place in children's nightmares for generations to come. A staple in the life of any 90's child it is no surprise to see Scissorhand's has now secured a common place in the world of tattoos!!

A brilliant Scissorhand portrait by artist Cory Cudney
A brilliant Scissorhand portrait by artist Cory Cudney

4). Sweeney Todd

Yet again Depp embraced his inner evil in the portrayal of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street; Sweeney Todd. Singing his way through a blood-fest of solos and throat cuttings Depp once more left us both amazed and terrified... though for some his role inspired some unique ink...

5). The Hatter

More commonly known as the Mad Hatter, the character from Alice in Wonderland is exactly what he is named, a mad man in a hat. A famed character in both film and literature Depp took his role as the hatter in all its eccentricity and transformed himself almost completely. The result; some amazing inspiration for a bold tattoo!!!

6). Tonto

One of Depp's more recent roles saw him embrace his Native American ancestry and transform himself into the standout character of Tonto, the Lone Rangers loyal companion. One more his role created a demand for some more Depp fuelled ink...

7). Willy Wonka

The head of the greatest chocolate factory in history Willy Wonka holds a special place in most children's lives, he has the best job in the world and all the chocolate he desires and Johnny Depp got to portray him in all his excellence. Perhaps his performance once slightly creepy but still it proved a great source for more Depp themed tattoos!!

8). Captain Jack Sparrow

Of course one cannot talk of Johnny Depp without talking about one of Hollywood's most recognised characters, Captain Sparrow. His role as the charismatic pirate brought Depp wide spread recognition and furthered his global appeal. But not only that, but who is more loveable than the loveable rogue Captain Jack Sparrow and his eccentric adventures!!! Obviously such a loveable character could not escape the ever reaching draw of tattooing... enter the most tattooed pirate in history!!!!


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