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Fan Gets Drake's Album Art Tattooed On His Neck Because YOLO

If you haven't heard Drake's album...then "If You're Reading This It's Too Late", literally!

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Get on that SON! This guy, Richy Huck, on the other hand, moved faster than anybody out there and, congratulations Richy, you're the first person with the Drake Album artwork tattooed on your neck!!!

Drake's album tattoo neck Drake album
Drake's album tattoo #neck #Drake #album

Whaaaat?!?! The tattoo is a spot-on replica of the artwork though! Just missing the "6-God" symbol and "Parental Advisory" sign. Check it:

The original album cover Drake album whenyourereadingthisitstoolate
The original album cover #Drake #album #whenyourereadingthisitstoolate

The artist was Mike Bage, from Bishop Auckland, U.K., who not only drew this recent piece on Richy, but also another similarly controversial Miley Cyrus piece. Bage made a comedic statement on The Huffington Post Entertainment:

"Richy is a big fan of Drake, and since the popularity of his Miley Cyrus tattoo he thought this one would be a cool idea and would get people talking. He's got some strange tattoos already anyway: a lady riding a sausagedog, a loveheart with the word "tits" in, Miley Cyrus in the bath, a dog with boobs for eyes, etc., so this one didn't seem that weird. He said his parents have taken it well -- his dad 'just shook his head and got over it."

Just in case your curiosity is piqued...here's the Miley Cyrus piece (warning: NSFW):

Miley Cyrus tattoo MileyCyrus
Miley Cyrus tattoo #MileyCyrus

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Honestly, this whole thing just reminds me of the woman who got the HUGE DRAKE TATTOO ON HER FOREHEAD...remember her??

Drake forehead tattoo crazy forehead fan Drake
Drake forehead tattoo #crazy #forehead #fan #Drake

If we were to cue Drake up, he would only be able to say one thing.... You Only Live Once.


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