Impressive Aztec Tattoos Part 1

Aztec tattoos: the correct name of these should be Pre-Colombian tattoos as they are also often called Mayan tattoos and Inca tattoos.
For non-specialist, the artwork related to those 3 civilizations looks the same, even if they are different in term of location, duration and religions. Their association is the result of mutual influences, historical mysteries and indeed by their shared destruction by Spanish conquerors. But let's focus on the most popular name of these tattoos. Aztec civilization was located in the Mexico area from the 14th to the 16th century, and had developed a wealthy mythology and art, so impressive the conquistadors failed to totally erase it and still fascinating us. Gods, heroes and mythical animals are commonly found in the remains of temples and cities by archeologists, and influencing our art. Tattoo art was also a part of Aztec culture, linked to religion, war and social classes, making Aztec tattoos ethnic tattoos too.
Aztec tattoos are indeed coveted by descendants of this people, ink lovers proud of their blood and history. I is the reason why these tattoos are popular in the black and grey and chicano style. Tattoo artists also enjoy the challenge of carved stones, giving them the opportunity to show their 3D skills. Be prepared to be impressed.
A gorgeous sleeve of Aztec culture by Luis Fernando Puedmag Vinueza.
A proud Aztec warrior in realistic black and grey style, also by Luis Fernando Puedmag Vinueza.
Jaw-dropping almost 3D carved stone piece by Reşat Gül
Pavel Angel is a regular of Aztec tattoos as you can see.
Another one by Pavel Angel.
Boom! Pavel Angel strikes again...
Can you tell who is the tattoo artist? The photography is by Maëlle André.
Promotional image from the famous movie Tattoo Nation with facing, David "Compton" Oropeza and many rad chicano tattoos inspired by Aztec culture. Fine Art!
Breath-taking backpiece by Richard at Eclipse Tattoo!
CORRECTION: This piece is actually not Aztec, but Kwa'Kwa'Ku'Watl from the First Nations of BC Canada. We apologize for mislabelling it and thank the Tattoodo community for helping us get it right! Artist: Rob Doubtfire at Robs Tattoo Studio, Bradford.