Spotlight: Unique Graphic Tattoos by Timur Lysenko

Spotlight: Unique Graphic Tattoos by Timur Lysenko

It is difficult to capture the style of Timur Lysenko with just one word...
The reason is that this Polish tattoo artist, based in Redberry tattoo studio in Wroclaw, Poland, has developped his very own style with inventiveness. His graphic tattoos are combining many different elements, borrowed to tattoo styles such as Trash Polka, etching, blackwork, 3D geometry and sketch-like tattoos. They combine bold colors (often brick red and metal blue) with dark designs, as well as realistic portraits with an amazing sense of surrealism. In just one tattoo by Timur Lysenko can be featured different styles, techniques, textures and patterns with innovative effects and a joyful sense of mastered chaos ! Each of them is mysterious, often closed to horror aesthetic but always poetic. If you are into creative, original, dark yet radiant tattoos, you definitely need to discover the work of Timur Lysenko, a source of inspiration for many other tattoo artists.
Timur Lysenko at work.
Classic swallows chestpiece with a jersey twist!
Lady with a rose (and a tattoo signature of the artist!)
Fun cat piece!
Girl with a Native hairpiece, swallow and red ink tattoos.
Bizarre but beautiful, isn't it?
Melting pot of styles and textures.
A trippy astronaut tattoo!
Bold colors!
Optical illusion raven and mysterious lady.
Skull beetle and red ink.
Cool anchor hand tattoo!
Graphic indeed, both badass and sexy.
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