10 Cheeky Booty Heart Tattoos

10 Cheeky Booty Heart Tattoos

Booty heart tattoos are starting to invade internet, with their fleshy cheeks, fancy underwear and naughty details...
Why having the whole pin-up tattooed, when you can only have the best parts, for a smaller and funnier tattoo? ;) Booty heart tattoos are becoming a popular flash offered by artists favoring old school style. A more witty and cynical counterpart to the classic heart tattoo, their minimalistic design and small size are making them good for gap fillers that are totally loosing it!
Men want their own little booty and girls are showing they are not ashamed of their body... If you are enjoying crazy, sexy tattoos a bit graphic, then you will see the fun in these booty heart tattoos... And others: hey! they are just tattoos! ;)
With stockings and bow tattoos, a sweet tattoo by Barrymore Tattoo.
With an Arrow by Dani Queipo of cult tattoo shop Seven Doors Tattoos in London.
With an anchor tattoo by Helga Hagen.
Gap fillers by Jamie Sawyer you'll be lucky to have...
Booty heart tattoos are even better in the booty! By Leszek Mistarz.
The bigger the better? By Max Fecondo.
Girls without thigh gap deserve love too... Tattoo by our friend Megan Massacre.
Moulin Rouge themed tattoo by Rocky Zero.
Spanking is not only trendy in mommy porn 50 shades of Grey... Tattoo by Sean Morgan.
This is Halloween, this is Halloween... Haha! Fun piece by Victoria Kurtz! Sexy but dangerous...
Booty... and more! An old school pornographic tattoo made by xCyrx at Paris Tattoo Convention 2015 where he get a prize... Those French!!!
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