10 Refreshing Coca-Cola Tattoos

10 Refreshing Coca-Cola Tattoos

I love Coca-Cola as much as the next person but there are some who take their love of the drink to new level with Coca-Cola Tattoos.
In 1886 an American pharmacist named John Pemberton invented a carbonate soft drink that would change history, the drink would become Coca-Cola. The worlds most valuable and recognisable drinks company. Such is the impact of the drink that after the term 'Ok' the words 'Coca-Cola' are the most understood in the world.
An awesome piece by devilztattooz...
Coca-Cola Tattoo, devilztattooz.cpm
A unique take on the worlds favourite soft drink!
Coca-Cola Tattoo
Coca-Cola Tattoo
An outstanding cola themed piece by French artist Stephane Chaudesaigues
Stephane Chaudesaigues
Cool traditional twist on the classic Coca-Cola bottle!
Coca-Cola Tattoo
Coca-Cola Tattoo
Great realism by Marco Manzo!!
This girl certainly loves her soft drinks...
Coca cola tattoo
How about some Coca-Cola pinups?? Awesome tattoo by Nick Morte
Fantastic ink by the great Hannah Aitchison.