11 Fun & Famous Tattoos of Numbers

11 Fun & Famous Tattoos of Numbers

Numbers. We see it, use it, and count on it everyday. Let's learn about numbers the FUN way with these numerical tattoos!
To check the time, count expenses, count the hours in this busy world of ours paying not much attention to how truly amazing and helpful to our lives these numbers are! Numbers are good tattoo subjects as well...especially if it means something special.
done by Ben Vold, 2Spirit Tattoo, San Francisco CA
Some people get special numbers tattooed about significant moments in their lives. The tattoo above tells the date and coordinates where the client first met her lover.
666 number tattoo
AWESOME FACT: 666 is the sum of the first 36 natural numbers (example: 1+2+3.....34+35+36) and thus it is a triangular number. O_O
Johnny Depp got the number 3 because he believes it to be his lucky number.
Eminem got the number 12 tattoo
Eminem got the number 12 as an extension to the letter D (on his other forearm) to represent D-12, also known as "Dirty Dozen", an american hip-hop group he's part of based in Detroit, Michigan.
number tattoo
Can you guess which famous book series this number was derived? ;-) we bet you know it already!
The Golden Ratio tattoo .... Extended up to 80 digits!
Golden Ratio tattoo
The Golden Ratio (a.k.a. The Great Fibonacci sequence) is a sequence where each number is the sum of the 2 numbers that precede it (ex. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21...and goes on forever!). It's a simple pattern, but a really amazing built-in numbering system of the cosmos! It affects the formation of things such as the petals of flowers, spiral galaxies, our genetic makeup, trees, and even hurricanes!
Who says 13 ain't lucky?!
To Infinity, number 8 tattoo
number 76 tattoo
Digging these bright and bold numbers! If numbers are your kind of tattoo, find a tattoo artist who specializes in typography to get the best results.
number 11 inner lip tattoo
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