12 Elegant 1920s Flapper Tattoos

12 Elegant 1920s Flapper Tattoos

People loving the 20s and Great Gatsby also know (and perhaps have) flapper tattoos.
Flapper is a term used to describe women during the Roaring Twenties, a decade allowing women their first freedoms. They were allowed to party, drink alcohol, smoke, date men and have sex before marriage and they were able to put the accent on their appearance. Flapper tattoos are often mistaken with gipsy tattoos because of their headpieces. But flappers have short hair à la Louise Brooks, cloche hats, feathers and jewels. They are also often associated with Art Deco patterns, the type of design art present in the 20s.
Flapper tattoos are representating the taste for party and refinement, as well as independance. But indeed, they are coveted for their intricate and beautiful outfits and their poetic vintage appearance more than for their historical accuracy... Often found in neo traditional tattoo style, always looking for gorgeous ladies with decorative designs, flapper tattoos are swinging on skin with a witty spark inside their inked eyes...
Poetic flapper tattoo by Xoil.
Blonde flapper with Art Deco background by W.T. Norbert.
Flappers were the first women of history to get tattoos! Here's a tribute by Stacey Martin Smith.
Tattoo star Rose Hardy has some great flapper tattoos in her portfolio.
Luxurious flapper head by Nate Beavers.
Flapper doll by Lenad Nada.
Stunning colors in this realistic portrait by Laura Juan!
Love this hip tattoo by Jean Le Roux!
A darker tattoo by Jamie Ames Navarro.
Old school touch by James Clements.
By Ben Merrell.
Cool work by Anabi Tattoo!
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