12 Fun & Refreshing Beer Tattoos

12 Fun & Refreshing Beer Tattoos

Cheers to hard work and tattoos with these fun and awesome beer tattoos with facts you didn't know about this amazing golden drink.
Happy weekend guys! Chill out, relax & take it easy!!! ;)
Skeleton and beer tattoo
So here's an awesome beer mug to get the party started!
What kind of drink would you prefer? Awesome beer tattoo
Heineken? Tattoo by Cecil Porter.
Double brown beer tattoo
Carlsberg tattoo? (Probably the best beer in the world ;) )
Or would you prefer draft beer tattoo?
Did you know? In the Middle Ages, beer was consumed MORE THAN WATER as the alcohol made it safer.
TRIVIA: The strongest beer in the world has a 67.5% Alcohol content! Can you guys guess what it's called?
Here's something totally random and rare: a six-pack beer belly! Funny beer tattoo
Awesome beer tattoo, Life is short - fill it up
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