12 Subtle and Dainty Nature Tattoos

12 Subtle and Dainty Nature Tattoos

You have enjoyed our article on elegant and discreet tattoos, so we have collected more, with a focus on Nature tattoos.
Nature is full of tiny yet precious elements perfect for dainty tattoo designs, from elegant vegetals to fragile and pretty animals. Some tattoo artists are studying those subtle patterns from countryside to turn them into contemporary small masterpieces on the skin of city-dwellers... With the techniques of dotwork, thin linework and colored outlines, they are creating very alluring tattoos with few effects.
If you want some inspiration for delicate lines, you should stalk the Instagram account of Joao Chavez in Brazil, or take a look at the Arabic calligraphy inspired little pieces of Emre Cebeci, from Turkey. Less is more! You don't need to be a complete Nature lovers to enjoy Nature tattoos, you can only have a weakness for beautiful, elegant and tasteful tattoos. Take a look and tell us if you found your happiness with these 12 subtle and dainty Nature tattoos...
Two delicate sheafs by Alice Carrier.
Discreet dotwork butterfly and dragonfly on the nape by Axel Ejsmont.
Colorful crescent moon by David Côté.
Linework swallow by Diana Katsko.
Elegant red ink flowers by Doy.
Ravishing colorful feathers by Emre Cebeci...
Minimalistic flower by Jean-Philippe Burton.
Precious lotus flower Joao Chavez.
Lovely watercolor bird on its branch by Julia Dumps.
Spring is finally coming back, and swallows too! Pretty side tattoo by L'Oiseau.
Dainty pastels vegetals by Marta Lipinski.
Two fir trees for two friends by Noksi. Nature tattoos are great for elegant and tasteful matching tattoos!
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