13 Unbelievable Tattoos That Will Mess You Up...Permanently!

13 Unbelievable Tattoos That Will Mess You Up...Permanently!

By now everybody should know that the Internet is completely flooded with tattoos.
Whether they are elegant, awesome, weird, or absolutely insane, they facinate us and inspire us to get more ink! Today we will be focusing on the crazy pieces....as these tattoos are definitely UNBELIEVABLE! They are all unique as it would be highly unlikely that someone would get the same piece. Get ready to be amazed (or shocked!!!)! Here are 13 tattoos that will mess you up...permanently!
Any Alice In Wonderland fans should love this creepy 3d piece. Artist unknown!
Ouch!!! This guy got permanent glasses tattooed?
Really creative idea. Anyone knows the story behind it?
Cheryl Cole's amazing rose bottom of course made the list. Done by the talented Nikko Hurtado..
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Optical illusion tattoos are trending all over the web. This was one of the first to go viral when it was shared by Lady Gaga. Done by Dmitriy Urban.
Tattoo done by Johnny Smith.
The story that went all around the world about a Russian tattoo artist that tattooed his name on his girlfriend's face after dating for just 1 day!
This dolphin tattoo has been featured many places, but damn it's cool! So much respect for this guy..
Incredible 3D doll face. Done by Andy Engel.
Creepy realistic muscle tissue zipper done by Venezuelan tattoo artist Yomico Moreno.
White Ink tattoos are very controversial but this one is kinda cool. Artist unknown. Dig it?? Check out: White Ink Tattoos: Good or No Good?.
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