15 Cool Skeleton Tattoos

15 Cool Skeleton Tattoos

With skeleton tattoos, no need of X-rays: you're unveiling what under the skin... Scary? Not always.
For popular art has always mocked our fate with joyful skeleton dancing and laughing at Death. Even Walt Disney has animated skeletons in his cult Silly Symphony, his own version of the classic danse macabre. Yes, skeletons have fun. And if skull tattoos are generally more coveted than the whole assembly of bones, skeleton tattoos are having a big place in tattoo art too. Their ribcage enable many cool light effects and surrealistic fantasies, and they tend to be more trendy in new school tattoo than in horror these days. With their grin and intricate details, they are adding a sarcastic meaning to more complex pieces, but they are definitely the epic and humorous ingredient. So, are you into Post Apocalyptic and dark tattoos or looking for something a bit more joyful yet badass to celebrate the fact you are still alive? In every case, these skeleton tattoos are worth a look...
Fantastic piece by Alex Gotza!
Spooky tattoo by Bili Vegas.
Fun Betty Boop skeleton tattoo by Burpi Brebzy...
Amazing colors on this half sleeve by Curtis Burgess!!!
Great composition with red ink background by Ergo Nomik!
Fun bodysuit by Horitomo!
The art of Jeff Gogue.
Badass backpiece by Josh Duffy.
Fun Mexican skeleton tattoos on this backpiece by Kore Flatmo!
A fun version of a Japanese traditional tattoo theme, the fight between the fisherman and the koi! By Kostas Tzikalagias.
Impressive effects on this black and grey realistic sleeve by Marcin...
The famous Siamese skeleton by Nick Potter.
The fantastic dark art of Robert Borbas aka Grindesign!
Freehand piece by Toxyc Xlr.
A fun pirate skeleton by Xoil.
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