15 Dazzling Candle Tattoos

15 Dazzling Candle Tattoos

If you want ink a bit profound and gorgeous at the same time, you should consider candle tattoos.
In all arts, lit candles are the symbol of human lives, burnt by time. One of the classic types of candle tattoos is one with burning wicks at both ends. It refers to the saying "burn the candle by both ends" which means doing too much exhausting things at the same time (for example working hard at day and partying harder at night too often). Another way to say that time is ticking for you... Designs with candles and other objects are called still life, from a type of classic art, especially painting. With their idea of life and also hope, the light guiding us in the dark, candle tattoos are often using extreme contrasts to give the illusion of a real source of light. They are also commonly found next to skull tattoos, the ultimate symbol of Death. Candle tattoos are also used in religious contexts, to remember the departed but indeed also because they look terrific when done right... Want to shine a light or show you are burning bright? You will be bedazzled by the stunning fine arts technique and beauty of these candle tattoos...
Cool new school tattoo by Vincent Bloodline.
Terrific prayer tattoo by Tomasz Tofi Torfinski... Wow!!!
Occult mood for Randy Engelhard.
Lovely traditional piece by Peco Tattooer.
Gorgeous chestpiece by Nick Chaboya.
The artwork of Megan Massacre is fantastic...
Probably one of the most amazing candle tattoos seen so far... By Levgen.
Vintage street light by Johnny Smith.
Killer work by Fernando Bisceglia.
Burning candle by both sides... Great neo traditional work by David Swambo!
Beautiful Muerte portrait by Carl Grace.
Angelic chestpiece by Benjamin Laukis.
Fantastic work in the candles' smoke by Anam Q...
Sublime light in that still life by Adamik Erik.
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