15 Frilly and Meaningful Bow Tattoos

15 Frilly and Meaningful Bow Tattoos

Bow tattoos can be considered as girly tattoos, because they seem frivolous at first look.
But these past years, bow and ribbon tattoos have turned into very meaningful and strong designs for cancer survivors. Awareness ribbons are worn by family members and friends of cancers victims and indeed sported by the courageous persons who have been through these terrible diseases. Each color symbolizes a different type of illness and of course, of suffering.
Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are pink, purple is for survivors, red for HIV, black for melanoma, etc. But tattoo is a great way to overcome the idea patients are having of their weak body or to remember the fight of a loved one. Ribbon and bow tattoos can be simple, but of course, the more beautiful they are, the strongest message they are sending and they help cheering people up. So, yes, let's get pretty bow tattoos. But get them meaningful too. Time for frilly and strong bow tattoos galore...
Watercolor neck ribbon by Toko Lören.
Ribbons are really coveted for back of the thighs tattoos, teamed with stocking lines. Here by Solly Rose.
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An elegant silky red bow on the ankle, by Slawomir Myskow.
Dotted bow, unknown artist.
Beautiful bow by thomas Carli Jarlier.
Amazing 3D realistic lace bow by Pitor Cwiek!
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Upper thigh bow tattoos, photographed by Roman Filippov.
Megan Massacre did this lovely cervical cancer teal awareness ribbon.
Stunning 3D realistic pink bow by Lippo!
Bow with a skull by Led Coult.
New school bow on the foot by Koca.
Side bow tattoos with quotes under the breast are coveted by breast cancer survivors. By Karen of Chronic Ink.
Piercing and bodmod addicts are coveting back piercings with ribbons, but tattoos are also an option!
Watercolor chest tattoo by Carola Deutsch, closer to the heart...
Survivors purple bow tattoos can have very elegant placements... what's yours?
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