15 Lego Tattoos That Will Make You Go "Everything is Awesome"!!

15 Lego Tattoos That Will Make You Go "Everything is Awesome"!!

When I was a kid I loved LEGO. And now? I still love them! Love them enough to get some LEGO ink, you ask?
Why, of course! And I'm not alone! Check out all these other fans that got the magical yellow blocky guys tattooed because EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!
It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Superman and he's carrying boobies!!! (Artist Unknown)
Teenage Mutant LEGO Turtle! Done by @skim_o.
Badass tattooed LEGO tattoo! (Artist Unknown)
Argh matey!!! (Artist Unknown)
IndiLEGO Jones ready for adventures! (Artist Unknown)
Our favorite LEGO meth cooks from Breaking Bad (Artist Unknown)
Why so serious! The LEGO Joker done by Max Pniewski.
Cool Avengers, LEGO-style, by Max Pniewski
Ogle is right! LEGO Pinup girl (Artist Unknown)
This is the official LEGO 404 page!!! (Artist Unknown)
The Chef as tribute to all the plastic food (Artist Unknown)
The name is Bond....LEGO Bond! (Artist Unknown)
The Village LEGOs do the Y-M-C-A. (Artist Unknown)
May the force be with you! Amazing LEGO Star Wars torso piece by Kyle Cotterman
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