15 Majestic Gothic Cathedral Tattoos

There are tattoos inspired by religious Fine Arts and stained-glass windows, also gothic tattoos, resembling to architecture of Old Europe.
Gothic architecture appeared at the end of the Middle Age. Also known as "French work" even if located in every European countries, the gothic style has nothing to do with teenagers clad in black, but with the Goths, a tribe famous for destroying ancient churches and buildings, resulting to the creation of new ones of more elaborate style. Gothic architecture is more famous for its use in impressive and luxurious cathedrals and religious buildings, but it was also employed for castles and lay constructions such as town halls. The most refined type of gothic architecture is called the flamboyant style, designing the bold and intricate elements used as decoration. Rose windows with colorful and detailed stained-glass, elegant arches, flying buttresses and ribs are elaborate architectural tricks, giving stone the illusion of lace. Sublime and romanesque, the gothic art has fascinated people for centuries, and of course found its place in tattoo art, always keen to find inspiration in other arts. Gothic cathedral tattoos are now the playground field of black and grey realism artists, who are using the stone elements and cathedral's sculptures to brighten up dark and mysterious designs. Warning: the following tattoos could cause you urgent need of ink as their beauty and technique are approaching perfection and grace. But if you are not afraid to indulge your ink addiction, these spectacular gothic cathedral tattoos will be a pleasure for your eyes.
Tattoo artist Tony Mancia likes to include elements of gothic architecture in his portraits of beautiful women.
Also by Tony Mancia.
The stunning work of Tony Mancia again...
Skull cathedral made at The Divine Canvas.
Awesome dark tattoo mixing a woman, a skull and a rose window by Steve Toth.
Gothic cathedral window with the ethnic touch, by Peter Walrus Madsen.
Breath-taking start of a sleeve by Mumia...
... and it's even more fantastic when finished (Mumia tattoo artist).
Another sleeve by Mumia with gothic archways.
Jaw-dropping sleeve by master Matteo Pasqualin mixing gothic cathedral tattoos with religious paintings and sculpture... Wow!
Amazing rose window tattoo by Marshall 3rd Eye...
Almost 3d tattoo by Antonio Mack Todisco.
Another badass sleeve, by another master of black and grey, Mr Johan Finné.
Killer sleeve by Augis Tattoo.
The work of Archy.