15 Pleasing Penguin Tattoos

15 Pleasing Penguin Tattoos

Birds and tattoos seemingly go hand in hand. Sparrows, swallows and eagles being some of the most popular... But what about the penguin?
Yes, the penguin, the adorable black and white flightless bird we all know and love. I am first to admit that when I think of bird tattoos I do not think of the penguin but in truth penguin tattoos are some of the most inspired and beautiful bird tattoos around.
Penguins spend roughly half of their lives on land and the other in the ocean and when not doing that they are being tattooed on true penguin lovers!!
Penguin Tattoo
A beautiful bold and colourful penguin by Dave Tevenal
Penguin Tattoo
Want to add character to your penguin ink? Then how about something like this emperor penguin piece by Roy Uno at Red Diamond Tattoo. Certainly taking inspiration from its name!
Who else loves 'Happy Feet'??
Happy Feet
What an awesome traditional penguin by Josh Stephens
Penguin Tattoo
Lorena Moreta definitely captures the sophisticated nature of penguins and of course their famed ability to smoke a pipe!! A great unique piece!
Smoking Penguin
A breathtaking watercolour penguin by Mike Ashworth
Watercolour Penguin
Love this framed penguin by Nic Rummel at Brut Tattoo
Penguin Tattoo
Adorable young penguin by Phil Colvin
Baby Penguin
Who can resist this tribal little fella??
Cute Penguin
Beautifully simple foot tattoo...
Foot Tattoo
An absolutely stunning penguin by Mike Devries... this guy has some talent... I don't know a penguin who wouldn't fall for this piece!!
Not all penguins live in cold climates, but they're certainly one chilled bird! This penguin shoulder tattoo is certainly better than that pun...
Amazing colours on this penguin couple!!
Sweet Colors!
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