15 Stellar Cosmic Tattoos

There are tattoos getting you closer to the stars: cosmic tattoos. In past years, the number of space tattoos is multiplying.
The space tattoos vary from outer space designs to injections of colorful nebulas inside other tattoo designs. Ink addicts are all having their head in the stars. The fascinating cosmos is inspiring artists who are displaying their best techniques to reproduce the complex chaos of stars and cosmic dust. The new trends of graphic and watercolor tattoos have opened the way to cosmic tattoos, abolishing the traditional outlines and allowing a more surprising creativity. But the challenge of cosmic tattoos is also realistic, with masterpieces ready to blow your mind. Supernovae are invading every kind of tattoo design, turning something casual into a fantastic masterpiece. Are you ready to be flabbergasted by out of this world beauty? No need to book a flight in a space shuttle, just find the right tattoo artist.
Wishing to turn your body into a celestial body? No need to wait for the night to admire the canopy of heaven, space is within easy reach with these stellar cosmic tattoos.