15 Surrealistic Blackwork Tattoos

Actually, there are two different types of blackwork tattoos: the ones going full black as you can see HERE and the others called mezzotint.
This kind of tattoos, mixing dotwork, engraving inspirations, surrealism and dark humor, has grown these past years, especially in Eastern Europe, to become one of the edgiest trend of contemporary tattoo art. These tattoos can seem very strange to people failing to find their meanings and purpose. But their undeniable technique, poetry and even philosophy could appeal to the black and grey tattoo lovers who are living life at its fullest. Some of these tattoos are indeed remembering how life is fragile, with allusions to Death and Memento Mori. But they also mock fear and urge us to see beauty and fun in this mad world. So, loving what is bizarre and beautiful at the same time? Then check those surrealistic blackwork tattoos...
A cock in a cosmonaut suit... Indeed. By Bartek Wojda.
Odd shoulder tattoo by Achille Molinè.
Beautiful owl face by Cody Zeek.
Even sternum tattoos can be strange... By Home Made Tattoos (this is the name of the shop).
Love the dark humor and poetry of Ilya Brezinsky...
Delicate tattoo by Marla Moon.
Odd skulls by Nazar Butkovski.
Nordic runes are part of these blackwork tattoos. By Nicolay Triton.
Under our skins... By Oked.
The lovely poetic work of Otto D’Ambra.
What's your mask? By Pari Corbitt.
Fight!!! By Phil Tworavens.
Cute spider pin-up by Rafael Decraneo.