15 Witty Sherlock Holmes Tattoos

15 Witty Sherlock Holmes Tattoos

He is one of the most legendary fictional character in arts and in the world... Who? It's elementary: it is Sherlock Holmes!
The clever and witty heroe of writer Arthur Conan Doyle started his career in Victorian Era, resolving enigmas in the dark streets of London with his sidekick John Watson. His fame has been instantaneous and when Conan Doyle tried to kill him in a novel, the world was so shocked he had to resuscitate the iconic detective... Now, fans from all around the world are visiting his house at the famous adress of 221B Baker Street in London, and the books have inspired many movie adaptations as well as TV series. The Holmes phenomenon has indeed been revived by the charisma of actors such as Basil Rathbone, Robert Downey Jr, the idolized Benedict Cumberbatch and the tattooed Jonny Lee Miller. Fans are captivated by Sherlock Holmes science of deduction, his style and his adventures including the poisonous Irene Adler and the disturbing Moriarty... So fascinated they of course get Sherlock Holmes tattoos! Some are inspired by the Victorian books, other by the classic movies and several dedicated fans are so obsessed by TV show Sherlock and its fandom they ink their love for the brainy investigator... So, what kind of Sherlock Holmes are you and what are your Sherlock Holmes tattoos? Not "Sherlinked" yet??? Here is some inspiration for you... ;)
Work in progress on this Robert Downey Jr Sherlock tattoo in black and grey style by Jumila.
Basil Rathbone again, this time by JJ Osman.
The silhouette of Benedict Cumberbatch of cult tv serie Sherlock, inked by Toschie.
Sherlock Holmes as a cat by Timmy B.
Artistic Hound of the Baskerville tattoo by Peter Bobek.
The iconic house number and the violin, by Miss Fortune.
Hound of the Baskerville quote by Katy of Tattoo Noir, Pittsburgh, PA really ink style!
All the famous actors who have played Sherlock Holmes are gathered in this sleeve by Julian Arias.
Creative and cool silhouette tattoo by Jorge A. Gwooki.
The famous accessories of the detective, by Johnny G.
London cityscape Inside Holmes head by Joel Thompson.
Cute squirrels Sherlock Holmes tattoos with Holmes and Moriarty by Iwan.
Cool old school tattoo by Guen Douglas.
No shit Sherlock!!! Fun tattoo by Cryan.
And you, what are your Sherlock tattoos ? Another view of this Toschie tattoo photographed by Mia Lepson.
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