16 Bold and Brave Knuckle Tattoos

16 Bold and Brave Knuckle Tattoos

Usually reserved for the rockstars and tattoo artists themselves knuckle tattoos are some of the most badass ink a person can get!
In recent years with relaxed attitudes towards tattooing in areas of employment knuckle ink has become a growing trend amongst many a tattoo collector.
Arguably the most infamous knuckle tattoo is the famed LOVE/HATE lettering across ones hands. We have all seen the bad guy in films sporting it and all thought how cool it was! In truth we can blame Robert Mitchum for bringing the ink onto our screens, in the 1955 film The Night of the Hunter Mitchum played Reverend Harry Powell a self-declared preacher who moonlights as a con artist and serial killer and whom upon his knuckles had the words LOVE and HATE tattooed!!
The infamous LOVE/HATE tattoo that put knuckle ink on the map
Obviously that is not to say that any one with a LOVE/HATE knuckle tattoo is a secret killer! Just that the tradition of a knuckle tattoo as a "bad man's" tattoo all stems from Mitchum's character... good old Mitchum... Still, more recently the stigma towards knuckle tattoos has shifted and today we can appreciate them without being scared of the owner and whether they are in a biker gang!

A reputed tattoo of some pain knuckle ink is a tattoo you have to earn, an old school tattoo for any old school tattoo collector to where with pride and show there badge of ink honour...
Knuckle tattoos are a beautiful and creative piece of ink, and they should be seen as such. Personally they are some of my favourite tattoos, so here's fifteen of the best... Enjoy!
Not your most traditional knuckle tattoo but an awesome way to make it your own!!!
Knuckle tattoos don't always have to be lettering!! This kickass piece proves it
Someone's certainly proud to be American
Recognise any of these tattoos? Know the name of the artists?? Please let us know in the comments!!!
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