16 Failed or Fun Celebs Caricature Tattoos

Caricature tattoos can be genius when well made, but horrid when failed.
But first, what are caricatures? It is a portrait of a person that has been distorted by the artist in an exaggerated way. They are very popular in editorial cartoons and are often depicting celebrities and politicians, sometimes to mock them. The main goal of caricatures, and then of caricature tattoos, is essentially humourous. Yet, even something fun requires skills and it is quite diffucult to make a good caricature tattoo, especially of a well recognizable celeb. A lack of technique, and it's directly sent to the epic fails collection of the Internet... The new school tattoo style, with its weakness for excessive and fun cartoon designs is indeed using the old tricks of caricature art, giving some wicked results. But getting celebrities tattoos is already kinda weird, so getting celebrities caricature tattoos is even crazier! Do you have enough sense of humor to enjoy good caricature tattoos? And enough open-mindedness to bear bad caricature tattoos??? Check the following tattoos and tell us what you think! ;)
Let start by the best ones. Tattoo artist Maurycy Szymczak has released some great caricature tattoos including this Ian McKellen in X-Men Magneto.
Also by Maurycy, a cool Don Vito!
Also by Kelly Doty, an hilarious Edgar Allan Poe!
Cool bobblehead Tupac by Denis Torikashvili.
Cecil Porter enjoys caricature the Rat Pack, here Frank Sinatra.
And also by Cecil Porter, Mr Sammy Davis Jr.
This Rocky tattoo signed by Sylvester Stallone by Léa Nahon is rad!
A colorful tattoo by Josh Woods of Blink182's drummer Travis Barker.
John Anderton version of Big Bang Theory's heroe Sheldon Cooper.
Name the legends of the rock you can recognize here! By Limao.
And of course, this one by John Sweeney is Bob Marley.
Who can get a tattoo of Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball? Tattoo by Scott Howard.
And of Obama??? By Jim Warf.
Snoop Dog, really???
One hell of a fail... Horrid caricature of late singer Amy Winehouse. Why???