20 Fancy Lettering Tattoos

20 Fancy Lettering Tattoos

To commemorate a feeling or place, mantra or name of a loved one, a word or particular expression can have deep and powerful meaning.
Lettering Tattoos
With hundreds of thousands of examples to choose from, things can get a little confusing when it comes to deciding which style is right for you. There are various trends to consider while searching for your perfect font. The 90's brought us colorful Graffiti, Chinese Kanji, and the Ambigram - though these styles are relatively ancient now.

Today, we get an overwhelming amount of requests for script lettering which in my opinion is one of those trends (kind of like skinny jeans) that is here to stay and within good reason. It's classic. It looks pretty. It fits the body well.  Cursive or Calligraphy script and it's fancier version the double line are seemingly very popular among tattoo collectors, followed by Blackletter or "Chicano" style for the wearer looking for a larger and more detailed & badass piece of art.
Below are a few different lettering examples by well-known artists in their field...
fancy lettering tattoo
"Loyalty" in Chicano style by Norm Will Rise
"Always Have, Always Will" made by BJ Betts
"Attitude" Nami Chang
"Queen Moth" with Filigree made by BJ Betts
fancy lettering tattoo
Macko Tattoo
elaborate lettering tattoo
"Cursed" in negative space, "Blessed" double line- both made by BJ Betts
"So Cal" Chicano style by Big Meas
fancy lettering tattoo
Simple double line with shading - Tim Hendricks
"Motor City" - Tim Hendricks
fancy lettering tattoos
Chris Stuart
fancy lettering tattoo
Serenity Prayer in Blackletter/Olde English made by Scott Bakoss
elaborate font tattoo
Big Meas
fancy lettering tattoo
Fancy & clean double line cursive with gradient shading by Rodrigo Canteras
fancy lettering tattoo
NEWMAN! A little Blackletter & Chicano style also by Rodrigo Canteras
Tough as nails "Death is the Final Sleep" - Big Meas
strength tattoo fancy lettering
Small & delicate made by Luke Wessman
fancy lettering tattoo
Simple cursive made by Luke Wessman
fancy lettering tattoo
More simple cursive - Maneko
above eyebrow lettering tattoo
A clean, simple one by Big Meas
fancy lettering tattoo
"Stay True" - Big Meas
fancy lettering drawing
And for the tattooer or collector looking to brush up on their knowledge, You can purchase BJ Betts guide to all things lettering here -> http://www.saltwatertattoosupply.com/-BJ-Betts_c_21.html his work is among the top in the industry.
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