20 Insane & Mindblowing Tattooed Paintings by Shawn Barber

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These tattooed paintings need no elaborate description 'cause they already speak for themselves! Any tattoo lover would surely fall in love with these. See for yourself and get mind-blown by these 20 insane & mind-blowing tattooed paintings by Shawn Barber and learn about this amazing artist along the way! Info source: http://www.sdbarber.com


Shawn Barber is a painter and tattoo artist popularly known for his superb paintings of tattooed subjects. Each painting has a touch of loose realism rich with color and detail, and you would know it's a Shawn Barber master piece when you see one.

Shawn Barber was born in 1970 in Cortland NY and currently works in Los Angeles, CA.

His work focuses primarily on painting, portraiture, & documenting contemporary tattoo culture.

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Barber's intimate renditions of tattooed individuals balance both meticulous brush strokes & loose energy. The media he uses are oil and acrylic.

Figurative in nature, these large paintings (most of them life-sized) take on abstractions with explosive colors, meandering lines & paint dripping down the canvas. So awesome.

He has painted beautiful portraits of several renowned tattoo artists such as Shige (above image), Kat Von D, Kim Saigh, Kari Barba, Paul Booth, and plans to do more.

Here's a portrait of badass female tattooer, Kari Barba. <3

Here's another tattooer friend of his at work.

Portrait of Tattoo artist Paul Booth. Love his ability to capture the subject's personality. So insanely talented!

Portrait of the artist, Isea.

Kat Von D (LA Ink star & owner, tattooer & queen at High Voltage Tattoo)

And to make things even crazier, he can paint himself! Oh well, that's Shawn Barber for ya.


What's even better is that he shares his talent by teaching and paying it forward. He's taught Illustration, Drawing, Painting & Portraiture in various schools and does painting demos all over United states. Would love to meet him and be his student!

All for the future of the next generation. <3

If you're curious about what he looks like in real life, there he is with one of his paintings! Photo credit: Joe Russo

We are so glad and blessed to have him in the tattoo world! Because of dedicated artists such as him, our tattooed world is flourishing!

Shawn's paintings are held in private collections through out USA, Canada, Asia, Europe & Australia.

His commercial clients include American Airlines, Converse, Target, Verizon T-mobile, Gatorade, Subway, Scholastic Books, Atlantic Records, The Grammy Awards, Rolling Stone Magazine, Creature Skateboards, Rockstar Energy, and more!!

Would be a dream to own one of his works someday! Good news is that he sells some of it! :) check them out on Bigcartel: http://memoirtattoo.bigcartel.com , a page that he & girlfriend Kim Saigh put together for art collectors such as we.

To see more of his works, visit his official website: www.sdbarber.com



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