27 Tiny Tattoos by Ben Grillo

27 Tiny Tattoos by Ben Grillo

Ben Grillo - a well rounded tattooer capable of many styles, arguably best known for his impossibly detailed, single needle micro tattoos.
Part of a strong California tradition, Ben brings a distinct West Coast flavor to his imagery. Check him out at American Tattoo in Bonsall, CA.
Below are 27 tiny masterpieces created by the undisputed expert of micro portraits.
Beautiful hand tattoo by Ben Grillo
"I pretty much warn everybody, the smaller it is, the harder its gonna read, especially the older it gets. That’s just like any tattoo but more-so the smaller it gets. I try to tattoo it in such a way that it will stay sharp and looking good for as long as possible. But no matter what, they’re gonna eventually turn to shit." -Ben Grillo
Photo camera finger tattoo by Ben Grillo
tattoo by Ben Grillo
Awesome finger tattoo
Ben Grillo can be found on Instagram at @bengrillo
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