28 More Gruesome Zombie Tattoos

The rage for tattoos with zombies is still going strong despite the releases of new zombie novels, films, TV series and video games.
Who can blame us, the living, dead people who walk the earth truly fascinate us. With all the mixture of gore, blood and decay, it's a macabre wonderland.
The fall of the vampire glory made way for the rampage of living corpses. From I am Legend, to World War Z and Zombieland, people just keep coming up with interesting plots to keep the zombie love going. It's also a fact that The Walking Dead (originally a comic series released in 2003) only made the zombie craze even more intense. As well as incorporating romance in something so gruesome, as seen in the novel-turned-film, Warm Bodies.
Beyond the classics masterpieces of George A Romero and reminiscent of Michael Jackson's Thriller music video, there's still no stopping the living dead from walking on the face of this earth now that more and more talented tattoo artists are keeping the dead, well alive, on the skins of horror fans all over the world.

It's amazing how these artists can get creative and some left me speechless with how they brought the corpses to um, life in these pieces!
1. Joe K Worrall
2. Craig Watson
3. Dead Ed Zimmer
4. Riley Hogan
Really can't wait to see this WIP Zombie Einstein piece done! It's so cool; you know, the genius that is Einstein, famous for his brain, and him becoming a zombie, eventually eating his own brain maybe, you get the picture.
5. Mattia Pezzaioli
6. Oleg Turyanskiy
7. Alex Wright
8. Ry Tattoomeister
9. Ashley of Fine Lines Tattoo Gallery
10. Tomas Nördstrom
11. Ben Klishevskiy
12. Bryan Merck
13. Valentina Ryabova
14. Zack Singer
15. Mike DeVries
16. Gian Carlos Vilena
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