5 Fun And Crazy Draw By Number Tattoos

5 Fun And Crazy Draw By Number Tattoos

But what about getting a draw by number or dot-to-dot tattoo?
We have all seen what some people call a ‘novelty’ tattoo. A tattoo that someone got for abit of fun, usually they take the form of the old ‘your name’ across a persons arse cheek or a small camel eloquently placed on the big toe.
Perhaps maybe as much a ‘novelty’ tattoo as the previous, a dot-to-dot or draw by number tattoo does however show a little more imagination and creativity. Thousands of us spent hours as children (and even time as adults) connecting the dots on a page to make a complete image, so why not combine a childhood past time with a love of tattoos?? Well that’s exactly what these people have done, and hats off to them!
Many of us have possibly already seen this specific tattoo. It has done the rounds on the internet for a while now but is still an awesome and unique tattoo. All you need is a pen and there you go you have yourself a giraffe!!
A giraffe not your cup of tea?? Then how about these three cartoon dot-to-dots. Curious George is just itching to be completed…sharpie anyone?
Fun piece by Susan Grech
A fun little Lion King piece. Know the artist?? Let us know in the comments
Love draw by numbers, love hello kitty? Then here you go... Know the artist?? Let us know in the comments
Some have even taken their love for all things dot-to-dot and tattoos to other levels. I can’t think of anyone else with a dot-to-dot tattoo machine tattoo. Definitely a unique piece… possibly stick with Curious George myself!
A tattoo worth remembering... Know the artist?? Let us know in the comments
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