5 Tattoos of Memorable U.S. Presidents

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Possibly the most powerful person in the world the President of America is a position only a select few will ever hold and popular or not the leader of the United States will certainly not be forgotten, and some have even been immortalised in ink!!!


One of America's most remembered Presidents John. F. Kennedy was assassinated only part way through his first term in power, yet his popularity remains as strong today as it has always been

George Washington

The first president of America is arguably one of history's most important people, he took leadership of a newly independent and fledgling country and began the process of making America what it is today! He also looks kick ass in this sleeve.

Barrack Obama

The current president needs no introduction. A leader whose presidency will never be forgotten has been immortalised in the form of his memorable campaign symbol. Can we say this tattoo is awesome... Yes we Can


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Abraham Lincoln

President during the American Civil War and a leader in the abolishment of slavery, Lincoln might possibly be America's most famous, recognisable and favourite leader... mostly because of his beard!! Nevertheless the man is looking epic in this modern portrait!!

George. W. Bush

Perhaps not the most popular or fondly remembered President Bush still left a lasting mark on America, he guided the nation through some of its hardest times and brought it out the other side. Yes he had his issues but the man will not be forgotten any time soon...


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