Awesome Tattooed Parents

As long as there are tattooed parents, there will be questions of their ability.
Can parents who get ink raise their kids in the correct manner? Can they be taken seriously as a parent at all? Obviously these type of questions are ridiculous and are a shameful part of our society!!
A tattoo makes no difference to a persons ability to raise children! Does having a tattoo mean you can no longer function as a person? Of course not! Having a tattoo means you have taken your love of an art form and chosen to show it, it does not mean you have sold your reasoning and rationality.
Tattoos and parents are two beautiful things that can become even more impressive when put together. Take a look for yourselves, you won't be sorry! Tattooed parents rock!!!
Tattooed parents
Tattooed father
Tattooed parents
Funny tattooed family selfie
Tattooed parents
Tattooed father
Sweet family picture
Tattooed mother
Awesome tattooed family picture
Tattooed family