Badass Tarantino Inspired Ink

Badass Tarantino Inspired Ink

Ground breaking, relentless, bold and eccentric! The films of Quentin Tarantino changed the landscape of Hollywood.
From his directorial début of 'Reservoir Dogs' to the eagerly anticipated 'Hateful Eight' the movies of Tarantino never disappoint. His cool and twisted characters always leave a deep impression, there love of violence and flawless dialogue leave the viewers gasping for more. They also inspire some incredible tattoos... I mean what could be more perfect than the work of Cinemas' greatest artists and the beauty of tattooing all rolled in to one!!!
1992 shall ever be remembered by movie fans as the year in which Tarantino announced himself to the world. His independent 'Reservoir Dogs' captured the attention of all and gave birth to the boy wonder of Hollywood... and all it took was some suit wearing criminals and a cop getting his ear cut off!!!
The film of Quentin Tarantino
Reservoir Dogs
With the success of 'Reservoir Dogs' the second film of Tarantino was eagerly awaited and was expected to be just as thrilling... He didn't disappoint and 'Pulp Fiction' would go onto be a classic!! It's crazy characters and memorable dancing has been parodied countless times yet the magic of Tarantino's film remains the same!
These tattoo may possibly some up the awesomeness of Pulp Fiction... but I get the feeling there's something missing... Possibly Bruce Willis and a Gimp???
The epicness of 'Pulp Fiction' certainly cemented Tarantino's legacy but his following film of 'Jackie Brown' left some fans wanting... 'Kill Bill' soon followed and brought all that Tarantino magic right back. An assassin bride, a crazy haired martial arts master and unholy amounts of blood what was thee not to love! nothing; and 'Kill Bill' inspired ink soon followed...
Amazingly unique tattoo... who else has a 'hit-list' on there calf??
Brilliant black and grey portrait by Luka Lajoie
As hard to follow as 'Kill Bill' was Tarantino did as he always does and followed it up with two more unique and kick ass films, 'Death Proof' and 'Inglorious Basterds'... The former a homage to grindhouse movies and theatres and the latter an extensive and unforgettable tale of a group of ruthless Nazi hunting soldiers in WWII dubbed the 'Basterds
The cool and murderous 'Stuntman Mike'
Leader of the Basterds; Aldo Raine...amazing portrait by Mike Devries
And now we come to the latest of Tarantino's masterpieces 'Django Unchained'; an epic western themed movie, in which we follow the story of Django, a slave, and a bounty hunter by the name of Dr. King Schultz who helps Django save his wife from tyrannical slave owner Calvin Candie. Needless to say once again there is high levels of violence and unnatural quantities of blood and gore... but hey what else do we expect from Tarantino!!! Oh and here are some incredible 'Django Unchained' tattoos...
The ruthless Calvin Candie, captured perfectly by Benjamin Laukis
Dr. King Schultz, such a gentleman
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