Bullying Victim Tattoos Her Scarred Face Back to Normal

This is the story of how Samira Omar, who suffered a horrific bullying attack that scarred her permanently.
She received the incredible opportunity to return to normal with a new medical tattooing technology and the kindness of Basma Hameed, a paramedical tattooing specialist.
17-year-old Samira
The 17-year-old Samira was attacked by a group of girls whom she thought were her friends. They beat her and threw boiling water on her, leaving her badly burned and covered in scars and discoloration.
Face scars
Samira's life was severely affected by the incident, as her scars were a constant reminder of the terrible attack. She thought they would be with her forever, but then she met Basma Hameed.
Basma Hameed is the owner of a tattoo shop that specializes in paramedical tattooing. Basma doesn't tattoo vibrant, colorful designs. Instead, she uses specific pigments that match skin color in order to cover scars.
Medical tattooing
With the help of paramedical tattoo artists, like Basma, people can significantly decrease their scar visibility and discolouration after only a few treatments. With Basma's help, patients like Samira can see a dramatic decrease in their scar visibility and discoloration after a few treatments. She even offers free procedures for patients who are unable to afford treatment. This is because Basma herself was a patient of paramedical tattooing. She had her own facial scars and, after fixing them with this treatment, she was inspired to help others with her work. She knows first-hand how life-changing these treatments can be and has even helped certain patients for free, like Samira, who could not afford the treatment.

Check out the full story in the video below. Hear more about Samira's story and Basma's practice.