From Street to Skin with DenoTattoo

Madrid born graffiti artist-turned-tattooer Deno Jr. has slowly risen in the ranks of the tattoo world, and with good reason. With 46k followers on Instagram (and no help from Reality TV) the guy must be doing something right.

With a mash up of old school principle & avant-garde subject matter (inspired by his own street art) Deno's black outlined and black shaded, clean traditional application of tattooing paired with bold line work and unique imagery makes for a style that is all his own. So very unmistakably Deno.

Check out his distinctive artwork below...


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    Found on The Bowery, New York City.

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    San Francisco


    made in East London

    Deno can be found at Seven Doors Tattoo in East London, and frequently traveling the Convention circuit. Follow @denotattoo on Instagram for more updates on his whereabouts!


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