Gorgeous Gunslinger Ink

Gorgeous Gunslinger Ink

Cowboys, gambling and gunfights: the wild west paved the way for modern America and gave history one of its most colorful periods.
We have all seen the old John Wayne classics ending with him riding into the sunset, a beautiful women by his side and six shooter on his hip, but what about wild west tattoos?
Surely one of America's most colorful periods can provide some inspiration for some great ink!?!
What makes us think of the wild west more than the rough and tough gunslinger walking into town ready for a duel.
Incredible piece by Jeff Cornell at Hidden Hand Tattoo
Great piece by Steve Rieck
Not all gunslingers walked away! Perhaps this guy should have the victor on the other shoulder.
A dramatic tattoo by artist Todd K
The portrait below is at first glance a beautiful portrait, but the image is of Doc Holliday! An infamous gunslinger who supposedly had the fastest draw in the west...
Gunslinger themed tattoo
It was common practice for the gunslingers in the old west to have portraits taken of them, much like Doc Holliday above, below is an awesome traditional spin on such a portrait.
Cowboy tattoo
What gunslinger ink would be complete without an incredible portrait of Clint Eastwood as the Outlaw Josey Wales
Cowboy tattoo
Enjoyed these gunslinger themed tattoos, then how about a few bonus wild west tattoos??
Brilliant black and grey by Kris Thomas
Awesome Ghost Town by Gabe Tenneson of Transformation Tattoo
Great skull outlaw by Jade Boivin
Sheriff sleeve by Matt Skin
Of course we can't finish without an amazing John Wayne tattoo!!
Fantastic portrait by Guillermo Villalva
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