HELL HATH NO FURY: 12 Hannya Tattoos by Mike Rubendall

Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.

A popular subject matter in Japanese Irezumi (Tattoo), The Hannya mask has been worn by traditional Japanese actors of the Noh theatre since 14th Century Japan. The mask is specifically used to represent the soul of a woman so consumed by her obsession, jealousy, and anger she has turned into a demon. Though often pictured with menacing grin, a deeper look will show the Hannya is also tormented and sorrowful, displaying the complexity of human emotion.

If you're thinking on a Hannya tattoo and haven't found a great reference, here are 12 perfect examples made by Mike Rubendall.
blue ink sleeve demon
demon and skull
If the teeth of a Hannya are blackened in, it is said so show that she does not want to be considered beautiful to anyone other than her deepest love.
Hannya & Peony
japanese demon sleeve
japanese demon in fire
Hannya & Peony
japanese blue demon
backpiece demon and snake
A work in progress back piece.

Mike Rubendall is the owner of Kings Avenue NYC & Kings Avenue Massapequa. He can be found on Instagram @MRubendall
chest piece demon