Help Put This Woman-Beating Tattoo Artist Behind Bars

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I just came across this story on my feed and it makes me sick. This tattoo artist, Dakota Bond, apparently beat his girlfriend.

Alexandra Rose Johnson got beaten up real bad just because she wouldn't leave her shift at a bar early. This was a few months ago, but when she told the police about it, they couldn't track the guy down. Now he's on the run, but still no sign of him and she is scared for her life. When nothing happened, she decided to share her story, even though that made her more upset, because she knew it would help mobilize people to find him. This story is just crazy....he needs to be stopped. Let's see if we can use Facebook to help push this out, right guys? We need to help spread the word and catch this guy. And if you have seen him, you need to contact authorities IMMEDIATELY.


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