Hot Fashion Trend Alert: Gold & Silver Metallic Tattoos

CALLING ALL THE GIRLS WITH A PASSION FOR FASHION!!! Have you heard about this super fab & glamorous stick-on tattoo yet?
It's been hot and blazing since its early release and was popularized by celebrities such as Beyonce, Vanessa Hudgens, Alessandra Ambrosio and more! What's really fun is that you can mix and match designs over & over...without the commitment to real, permanent tattoos. Learn more about this cool work of art with FAQs and ways to wear it as you scroll along. Enjoy! ;-)
Also known as "Flash Tattoos", these temporary skin & nail decals are becoming a fashion craze especially now that it's summer in some parts of the globe! Originally developed by Flash Tattoos (, these innovative jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos quickly spawned a lot of copycats as it became a HUGE HIT with beach & surfing crowds of Hawaii, Australia, California & Florida.
It has quickly grown to be a favorite accessory among celebrities, stylists, fashion bloggers, editors and fashionistas EVERYWHERE!
How long does it last? 4-6 days depending on where you place it & how it's taken care of. Avoid soaping or putting on lotion, sunscreen or oils for they will begin to degrade the adhesive.
How many tattoos per set? Each collection is unique and a pack includes 4 sheets of various metallic designs per pack---plenty enough to share with friends! :-)
How safe?Flash Tattoos are generally safe for anyone to wear & has passed safety standards for the cosmetics & toy product industries & meet all US & international regulatory requirements. To be safer, DO NOT APPLY ON SENSITIVE OR BROKEN SKIN, NEAR EYES, or if you are allergic to adhesives.
Where to place?Anywhere you can think of! Play it up or play it down! Go subtle or flaunt!
It can even be on the nails!!! Ain't that just perfect?!
Waterproof? Absolutely! These were designed to match and add an extra OOMPH to your bikinis...So go ahead! Just make sure to apply it on dry skin, leave it to bond for at least 30 minutes, and then you're ready to soak up and stun all the men, beach goddess! ;)
What a wonderful product.... Especially made for all the fun-loving beautiful women of the world!
To shop for Metallic flash tattoos, visit :-) Have fun & have a nice day ladies!!! Love yourself, feel beautiful and adorn your sexy god-gifted bodies any way you choose! <3