Pictures And Words In The Skin

Pictures And Words In The Skin

Tattoos are everywhere these days, which certainly makes people more interesting to look at.
All of us here at Tattoodo definitely love it, but just because everyone has at least one doesn't mean it's a good one. Personally speaking, few things are more irritating than a crappy tattoo. Anyone can learn how to work a machine but not everyone is up to the task. Sidebar: buying equipment and ink online and going the DIY route is a horrible idea, not to mention health risks. Tattoo shops have policies and autoclaves for a reason; take the time to find a reputable tattoo shop and an artist that's qualified. Also, this thing with celebrities doing tattoos really shouldn't be happening-none of them is that kind of artist.
In the tattoo world there are scratchers and there are stunners. The trendy pieces that people won't stop getting despite the four hundred posts of a dream catcher on Pinterest, and then there are the tattoos with purpose other than attracting attention or enhancing an image. For those in the stunner category-those who appreciate tattoos in terms of quality and view pieces as custom works of art-it's about a memory. Something to commemorate a life change, good or bad, it's something that deserves to be remembered. To the tattoo enthusiast, the stunner, tattoos are like the rock n roll version of scrapbooking. It's the most meaningful way to keep track of what matters. Right on the sleeve, right in the skin. Typically people store photos and save letters, but what happens when the photos get deleted? What if those love letters burn? Tattooing what's sentimental means never having to let go of what will always matter.
Photo Sleeve tattoo
Picture tattoo
Artist Emily at Liberty Tattoo in Seattle, WA.
A fill in photo would be a great way to kill time.
This would be the most perfect of the Polaroid tattoos, but the image is on the backside of the photo. Still great quality though.
clean B&G, who's the artist?
Very cool, vintage feel. Who's the artist?
Clean lines, vibrant color.
Nice detail in rather small areas, the background makes the photos pop, let us know the artist.
There's something that is a certain kind of awesome in getting a tattoo copy of a person's handwriting. They're not the most complex tattoos, nor are they the best looking, but everyone who has one knows they're one of the best things to have.
For the love of Mom and Dad.
"Love is Enough."
"Cherish the present" rib cage tattoo done in her grandfather's handwriting.
Artist Aaron at The Basement Ink, Oak Forest, IL.
Lettering tattoo
When it comes to handwriting tattoos, anyone can wear one. Spouses, parents, children, family, or friends. Pen to paper, needle to ink. Having the uniquely scribbled letters of a loved one tattooed in the skin is a very comforting thing.
A reminder of love with every downward glance.
"Tell Morgan I love her."
Written where it won't be forgotten.
Names of children, tattooed as they wrote them.
His and Hers "I love you" tattoos.
Audrey at Ink Dreams in College Station, TX.
"My Parents’ letter salutations written in their handwriting on my wrists. They have made me who I am, literally and figuratively, and I miss them more and more as I get older and father away. It’s a little piece of them that’s with me all the time.”
"I'll love you with all the madness in my soul."
Lettering tattoo
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