Rose Tattoos: Traditional To Modern

Rose Tattoos: Traditional To Modern

Roses have been around for centuries and we doubt they will disappear. What's the secret behind rose tattoos that makes them so attractive?
Every rose has its thorn, and its very own meaning. The next time roses are waiting for you keep in mind, that the truth is in the color. Red symbolizes love and passion; a single red rose means: “I love you.” That’s certainly helpful for all the men who usually empty their wallets for eleven more. If the rose is dark red it stands for unconscious beauty. A pink rose is symbolic of admiration, joy, and gladness. Deep pink as well as peach is a way to say “thank you.” Roses that are orange typically convey enthusiasm and excitement, but they can also mean desire and fascination-this color’s only rival is the red rose. Lavender means love at first sight. The yellow rose is a statement of friendship, happiness, and warm feelings. White roses stand for purity and innocence as well as remembrance, think weddings or funerals. Combinations can mean just as much as colors do, red and white together symbolize unity. A red-tipped yellow rose indicates friends falling in love. Some of the best colors are the ones that don’t even exist like blue, the color of mystery that says; “I want you even though I can’t have you.” There isn’t a natural growing black rose out there but ones that are deep crimson appear black to the human eye. Looking for a cryptic yet vaguely romantic way to say goodbye to a relationship? Send a bouquet of black roses, they symbolizes death, literally and metaphorically.
Why all the flower talk in a tattoo article? Roses don’t just live in the garden they’ve grown on us too. The rose is a symbol that has deep roots in the tattoo culture. Roses are a classic design that fit just about anybody. Roses are timeless. Just as jeans have always been a part of fashion, roses have been a part of tattoos. Jeans are always there to wear but nowadays we find pairs that are tighter than before and made with darker denim. Roses have adapted too, from the traditional trademark of Sailor Jerry to the modern Andrés Acosta. Enjoy the variety of undying and alluring rose tattoos, there’s more than a dozen to love.
Top left is work by Andrés Acosta, the others are imitations of his signature rosemorph.
Acosta tattoos the immortal rose on a whole new level, combining everyday things with the famous flower.
Beauty after the Storm.
Life's a beautiful Circus
Homerun for Me.
Rose that Glows.
Life through a rose colored View.
Oh Captain, my Captain.
Rose Rage
Dead and Back.
Always, There is Light.
Love in October..
Time waits for No one.
Blooming Aorta.
Follow the Yellow rose.
Poker Face.
Birds of a Feather.
Grateful Remembrance.
Waves of Red.
Yellow and Feathered.
Mapped Out.
Tattoo Time.
Moths and Mystery--what does this look like when the neck bends?
Love Kiss Death.
Bambi Killer.
Washed Away.
More of Andrés Acosta's famous Rosemorphs.

Acosta has it nailed that's for sure but he's not the only artist out there who knows how to tattoo a unique rose! Here's a few other artist's work.
watercolor rose-who's the artist?
Awesome color scheme. Done at Deluxe Tattoo in Chicago, Illinois by Jim Little.
Sailor Jerry Style. Norman Collins, tattoo legend.
Which is better, heart and dagger or dagger and rose?
This traditional tattoo flash represents the idea that "Love is Freedom."
All the classic traditional elements wonderfully synchronized.
Variation of the dagger.
Love the simplicity of this sketch-I'd get this tattooed just as it is.
Some contemporary placements for the traditional design.
Color vs outline.
Right on the elbow! That spot is not for the weak.
Rose on the knee is a great place, hopefully this trend lingers.
Lovely color realism by French artist Dodie at l'heure bleue.
Why do just one or two, why not a sleeve? Carry a bouquet of love for life.
Strikingly gorgeous.
Samuel Potucek did these hyper realistic black and gray roses at Iron and Ink Tattoo Studio in Denmark.
Please tell us the artist responsible for this amazing sleeve. Love the color combination. The "peace" symbol of the dove compliments the "gratitude" color of the roses.
Still unsure about wearing a rose? Take this quiz to make the meaning a bit more personal.
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