Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get to Know: Nissaco

Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get to Know: Nissaco

A couple days ago, I stumbled upon the works of an insanely skilled artist who goes by the moniker Nissaco.
I was blown away by all the pieces he's done that ranged from full-sleeves to full back pieces. From all that I've gathered, the only thing we can confirm about him (or her) is that he's located in Japan.
Awesome geometrical sleeve by Nissaco
Kubik Rubik sleeve
Beautiful blackwork
Awesome sleeve
Awesome geometric leg sleeve
Awesome geometric blackwork
Awesome tiger blackwork
Color is kept to a minimum, almost non-existent. But I'm not complaining.
Beautiful work by Nissaco
Looking at his works, it almost makes you feel the spiritual vibe or aura that's reflected in those leg and arm sleeves. It's as if it's all been blessed before inking them onto the skin.
Insanely creative tattoo by Nissaco
Tattooed sleeves by Nissaco
Beautiful geometrical tattoo design
Awesome back piece
Blackwork by Nissaco
Traditional Japanese tattoo
Awesome sleeve
Beautiful tribal style tattoo
Geometrical beauty
Insane blackwork by Nissaco
Awesome sleeve tattoo!
He also does a lot of merging with styles, such as this Japanese octopus, embellished in traditional elements.
Different styles merged together
He incorporates pointillism into his bold lines and precisely measured geometric shapes. Very clean.
Geometrical tattoo
Beautiful piece by Nissaco
Illuminati inspired tattoo
They're almost flawless, with the way the ink dims and dwindles in all the right places.

And here's a personal favorite. STUNNING.
Insane full body art by Nissaco
Awesome design!!
Absolutely envious of all the people he's tattooed. If anyone knows him personally, please tell us! We definitely want to know more about this artist Japan is hiding!
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