Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get to Know: Oscar Akermo

Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get to Know: Oscar Akermo

Introducing Oscar Akermo, twenty years of age, residing in Uddavela, Sweden. He currently tattoos at Tattoo Studio 73.
They just keep getting younger and younger. And they hail from the magical land of Europe.
He started as an apprentice back in 2012 and things have looked so well since then.
Awesome tattoo by Oscar Akermo
Tattoo by Oscar Akermo
His expertise is mostly in hyperrealistic black and white tattoos, many of them focused on portraits.

But Akermo is no stranger to colour, either.
Horror portrait tattoo by Oscar Akermo
Owl tattoo
Awesome piece!!
With those skills, It's still quite difficult to believe but it is true, Oscar Akermo is only twenty years old.
tattoo by Oscar Akermo
Awesome piece by Oscar Akermo
tattoo by Oscar Akermo
At that rate, we can only imagine how far he still can go with all these years ahead of him in such a bright road in tattooing.
Awesome tattoo!
tattoo by Oscar Akermo
Creative and abstract tattoo by Oscar Akermo
So beautiful!
Amazing tattoo by Oscar Akermo
Amazing sleeve tattoo
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Oscar Akermo
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