Tattooed Twenty-Somethings: Part 1

Tattooed Twenty-Somethings: Part 1

That glorious age between being a child and full blown adulthood, a person's time as a twenty-something is perhaps one of the best.
The freedom you have, the ability to make mistakes but think of them later because 'you're still young' is gift to behold. And what better way to enjoy such a period of youthful freedoms than by collecting some amazing ink!! So let's take a look at some of the most inked up twenty-something's in the spotlight today.
1) Justin Bieber

Love him, loath him or despise the ground he walks on the 21 year old Canadian pop sensation is possibly one of the most famous twenty-something's in the world. Thrown into the spotlight with his baby face and smooth tones the Bieber of today is certainly a far cry from the one we first met, certainly in regards to his ink!
Justin Bieber tattoos
Over the last few years Bieber has had an explosion of black and grey ink take over his body, and hats of to him, it's some pretty good ink he's collected. Perhaps most noticeable has been the development of his sleeve. Made up of a tigers head, an eye, a castle and knight surrounded by waves and a traditional style owl, Bieber's sleeve he's certainly one to admire. Much of the work was completed by artist Keith 'Bang Bang' McCurdy and definitely shows his talent!

Aside from his sleeve the ink of Bieber has a strong religious theme. On his rib cage is the Hebrew name for Jesus 'Yeshua', a portrait of Jesus himself rests on Bieber's calf and is accompanied by an image of praying hands and let's not forget the obvious cross placed in the middle of his chest. Of course there is more to Bieber's ink but I'm sure the 'Beliebers' can fill us in, in regards to that.
2) Megan Fox 

The dream girl for any teenage boy, or any man for that matter, Megan Fox in recent times has become famed for her ever growing collection of tattoos. Heavily script based the ink of Megan Fox includes the Shakespeare inspired phrase of "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" taken from the play 'King Lear'.
Megan Fox tattoos
Potentially her most famous of her tattoos is the short poem on her rib cage; "There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART". Megan is also rumoured to have further script on her right breast, though that is yet to be confirmed. What is confirmed however is the small Chinese symbol for strength on the back of her neck, a crescent moon and star on her ankle and a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. Mrs. Fox is certainly a well tattooed twenty-something!
3) Kevin Prince-Boateng
FC Schalke's defensive midfielder is a powerhouse in the footballing world (or soccer to others). Famed for his bursting box-to-box runs Boateng is likewise famed for his impressive ink.
Kevin Prince-Boateng tattoos
The most notable of Boateng's ink are his two sleeves. One inspired by his time playing in Italy for AC Milan and the other made up of a large tribal piece and the bold outline of Africa which inside contains the word Ghana, honouring his African heritage. On his right rib cage Boateng also has a large Chinese script tattoo translating as "Family, Health, Love, Success, Trust". A unique piece of Boateng's ink collection is the spider's web on his knee which represents his return from a recurring knee injury!
 4) Rihanna 
Of course we couldn't talk of tattooed twenty-something's without talking about Rihanna! The Barbados born singer his almost as famous for her ink collecting as her singing.
Source: Vogue Brazil
Like Bieber, Rihanna has had a number of her tattoos done by Keith 'Bang Bang' McCurdy, including her infamous Indian Maori inspired hand piece which was also completed by Cally-Jo. Other than her hand Rihanna also has an Egyptian falcon on her ankle, 'Shhh...' written on her finger and the above image of the Egyptian God Isis in honour of her grandmother.

Across her rib cage are also the words "Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh" translating as "Freedom in God". Obviously we all know Rihanna has countless other tattoos, but in respect to not boring people to death we shall move onto our final tattooed twenty-something.
5) Sonny Bill Williams

Surely a favourite of most tattoo and rugby lovers the New Zealand born Samoan Sonny Bill Williams is one in a line of celebrities to get a traditional Polynesian inspired piece to commemorate his heritage. Williams arm sleeve tattoo was completed by Steve Ma Ching. And of course just to make sure we all know his name across his back the large bold script of "Williams"
Sonny Bill Williams tattoos
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