Underboob Tattoos: Some of the Finest Part 2

Painful? Sure. Trendy? Of course. And beautiful? Indeed!(Continuing Underboob Tattoos Some of the Finest Part 1.)
If you haven't heard of underboob tattoos before, you may have lived in a forest with wolves... Also called by the more classy terms of sternum tattoos, plexus tattoos and female stomach tattoos, these pieces surrounding breasts are THE hot tattoo craze of the moment for female ink addicts. Best styles, best tattoo artists, best underboob tattoos? Check these...
Amazing red ink work of Maika Zayagata!
Elegant piece by Mike Amanita.
Can you credit this one?
Shining ink by Pari Corbitt.
Intricate scene by Renaud Delmaire.
Gorgeous lotus and Mehndi style tattoo by Saskia Chowles.
Badass skull tattoo by Stepan Negur.
Subtle white ink tattoo. Can you credit the artist please?
Dragonfly tattoo by Trine Grimm.
Less is more by Zachary Peacock.