10 Amazingly Lifelike Flower Tattoos

These awesome life like flower tattoos will bring you the daily dose of inspiration!
Modern tattooing has come along way from its traditional beginnings. Yes old school tattoos are as common as ever and the traditional style of tattoo is one that will never disappear, yet with better machines, needles, inks, artists and skills modern tattooing is perhaps more of an art form than it ever has been. Tattoos are simply getting better and better with the colours, styles and shapes ever improving. In today's tattooing almost nothing is of limits and tattoos that are on a par with any painting are ever more common.
The development of tattooing and the tattoos that can be created has fuelled a rapid increase in the area of realism. Realistic or life like tattoos are without doubt some of the most impressive tattoos there are, the skill of the tattooer is that of any master artist and the finished tattoo level with any beautiful painting. One of the most common choices for a realistic tattoo is a flower. Flowers have for centuries offered artists a great subject to work with and are now offering the same inspiration to tattooing.
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