10 Awesome Old School Anchor Tattoos

10 Awesome Old School Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos are among some of the old school designs that have simply never lost their popularity.

It sits in the realm of traditional Sailor Jerry tattoos that remain almost unchanged from when their usage became more common within tattooing. 

Traditionally anchor tattoos were seen to represent stability, security, hope and trust. It is also common for an anchor tattoo to be accompanied by a banner and phrases such as 'hold fast' and 'I refuse to sink'.

When you think of a real old school tattoo the anchor is never far from thought, its bold lines and strong image make the anchor tattoo a real tattoo. The type of tattoo you think of when you think of the beginnings of western tattooing and the hardened sailors that brought them back from their travels. Quite simply the anchor tattoo is just a real old school tattoo that remains a favourite among tattoo enthusiasts. 

Take a look at these anchor tattoos and try not to want one yourself...

Simple and bold anchor tattoos like this are as popular now as they have ever been!
Big or small anchor tattoos look good. The flowers on this tattoo really add to it
Clearly this person just loves the old school anchor so much they had to get them all!
Awesome hand anchor. Staying true to the Sailor Jerry roots!
Brilliant anchor and roses
Small and delicate this anchor tattoo looks amazing
Fantastic ribcage anchor... must have been a tough sitting!
Great little foot anchor!
Anchor tattoos always look good when they incorporate other tattoo styles!!
Awesome anchor... Go big or go home
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