10 Fantastic Tattoos By Dan Gold

10 Fantastic Tattoos By Dan Gold

Thrown into the spotlight on the hit TV show London Ink, Dan Gold is arguably one of Britain's top tattoo artists.
Opening his own shop at the tender age of 21 Dan was tutored by some of the greatest tattoo legends in Tin Tin and Bernie Luther. And like any decent tattoo artist Dan travelled the world honing his skills as he went, tattooing in places like San Francisco, Paris, New York and Las Vegas. Put in the public eye on London Ink, Dan's talent and tattoo skills instantly stood out as a breath of fresh air in the British tattoo scene.
Dan's charisma and love of the tattoo industry is almost as impressive as his tattooing ability!!
With a background in graffiti, Dan uses his street art skills in tattooing and has created his own unique style. Using a blend of traditional tattoo art and bold graffiti inspired script and colours Dan's tattoos are a unique take on two artistic cultures. But enough talking, time to check out some of Dan's inking ability...
Its bold graffiti style pieces like this that helped shape Dan's profile!
Illuminati inspired tattoo
Awesome and creative tattoo by Dan Gold
Brilliant 'Kiss' backpiece!!
Not just limited to graffiti style Dan is also renowned for his traditional style as well
A brilliant cover up!!
Dan's robot tattoos are perhaps his speciality pieces
Awesome tattoo by Dan Gold
London Ink fans remember this one??
Aside from graffiti and robots Dan also nails the odd portrait
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