10 Scarifications On Black Tattoos & Aftercare procedures

10 Scarifications On Black Tattoos & Aftercare procedures

What else can one do with black tattoos? Here's a suggestion.... If you can handle it, here is a selection of scarification works.
Scarification on black tattoo
We've previously discussed Scarification as a process and as a healed result of an extreme body art technique in the recent viral blogs and so now let's take a look at how it serves black tattoos.
Ambigram scar performed by Christian Bedics.
Some people prefer to sport body art a different way and we respect that.
Body scarification. It's a brutal approach that only a few can handle.
Scar done by Iestin Flye, Divine Canvas.
Sadistic and absurd to some, but this way of art wasn't called "extreme" for nothing.
This scar done by John Joyce at Scarab Body Arts. Http://www.scarabbodyarts.com
Much respect to the daredevils who survived this technique and the artists of this craft who dedicate their lives in delivering safe scarifications to the brave few.
Black tattoo scarification
Some people do it cause they want to, and some resort to it because they wanna give new life to their covered-up black tattoos. Which is pretty reasonable.
However, getting scarifications can't be just like that. You gotta be careful! LET ONLY A PROFESSIONAL DO IT!!!! Why? Because there are health risks & safety precautions you need to know first in this article.
Scarification on black tattoo
 1. Just keep it clean and let it be. Don't touch, pick or scratch! And absolutely no application of your own self-prescribed ointments and other chemical irritants.
Scarification on black tattoo
2. Do not soak or swim while wounds are open or while it's still healing.
Crazy scarification. Scar performed by Lewis Dodd
3. Do not touch with dirty hands or let it come in contact with other objects while the wounds are still open. We stress to keep it clean at all times as this can lead to heat rash (due to moisture buildup) and other potential infections.
For more aftercare tips, it is best to consult a Scarification expert. Keep it hardcore guys! And always be True to yourself, no matter what. Have an extreme day yall! :)
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