10 Timeless Saint Tattoos

10 Timeless Saint Tattoos

Black and grey or coloured Saint tattoos hold a simple but striking beauty... Here is a collection of them to prove it...
A predominantly Christian concept a Saint is a person who is recognised to hold an exceptional amount of holiness or a significant likeness to God and is venerated and honoured as such after death. While other religions hold specific individuals in a higher status the Christian concept of a Saint is perhaps the most well known.
A Saint is regarded across a number of Christian denominations as a heavenly advocate of a person, nation, place, class, activity, craft, clan, family or vocation. Traditionally a Saint is believed to have transcended to a other worldly existence where they are able to intercede in regards to their specific charges and act in peoples lives. Such is the influence, power and presence of Saints in peoples lives that honouring a specific Saint in ink is an ever increasing practice.
Saint tattoos are possibly some of the most personal tattoos people get, bearing the image of a Saint on your body is almost the ultimate commitment to the presence of that Saint in a persons life. Also, Saints just happen to make some amazing looking ink.
1) St. Jude 
One of the twelve apostles of Jesus, Jude's veneration as a Saint occurred after his death sometime in the first century. Today he is recognised as one of the patron Saints of Armenia and is also the Saint of desperate cases and lost causes.
This incredible St. Jude tattoo was done by Ian Robert McKown
2) St. Florian
A commander in the Roman Army St. Florian was responsible for overseeing a fire-fighting brigade and created a group of soldiers dedicated solely to fighting fires. Punished for his Christian sympathy at a time when they were persecuted Florian was drowned in a river. He was later honoured as the patron Saint of fire-fighters, chimmney sweeps and soapmakers.
Tony Anderson created this stunning St. Florian shoulder piece
3) St. Cecilia
As the patron Saint of musicians it is believed that as the musicians played at her wedding she 'sang in her heart to the Lord'. St. Cecilia was killed for her faith but later venerated for her loyalty to God. This bold and beautiful tattoo of St. Cecilia was done by artist Virginia Elwood.
St.Cecilia tattoo
4) St. Patrick
Now here's a Saint we have all heard of. The patron Saint of Ireland St. Patrick's feast day is celebrated the world over each year, though perhaps more of a cultural holiday than anything St. Patrick is nonetheless one of the most recognisable Saints there is. Known as the 'Apostle of Ireland' St. Patrick was fundamental in the spread of Christianity through the country.
Brilliant stained glass St. Patrick ink by Jessica Morsey
5) St. Christopher 
St. Christopher is most associated with the story of him carrying a young child across a river, at the otherside the child then revealed himself to be Jesus Christ. From thereafter St. Christopher was regarded as the patron Saint of travelling and travellers. It is not uncommon for people to carry with them a small pendant or image of St. Christopher when travelling.
St.Cristopher tattoo
6) St. Rita
Rita of Cascia or St. Rita is the patron Saint of abused wives and heartbroken women. Suffering abuse at the hands of her husband Rita used her faith to dissuade him from his actions. When he was later murdered she convinced her sons to not seek revenge. Since her time women across the world have looked to Rita for guidance.
A stunning portrait of St. Rita
7) Padre Pio
Born in Italy at the end of the nineteenth century Padre Pio was a friar, priest and mystic. He became famous for his stigmata, the appearance of the crucifixion wounds of Christ on his hands and feet. In 2002 he was granted the status of a Saint.
Padre Pio tattoo
8) Saint Anne 
The mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus Christ, Saint Anne is today the patron Saint of both mothers and grandmothers, her feast day is celebrated in July 25. Below is an incredible portrait of Saint Anne by the unbelievably talented Megan Massacre!
Saint Anne tattoo
9) St. Sebastian
An early Christian martyr St. Sebastian spoke out against the Roman persecution of Christians, as punishment he was tied to a tree and shot at with arrows...somehow he survived but was killed at a later date. He his honoured as the patron Saint of soldiers and athletes.
Romeo at Inkworx, Colchester did this beautiful tattoo
10) Mary Mother of God
Considered the Queen of Saints, Mary is held as the spiritual mother of all the people in the world. Mary is the patron Saint of all humanity, mothers, suffering and family. Nikko Hurtado created this mind blowing backpiece...truly amazing work!!!
Beautiful Mary mother of God tattoo
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