11 Badass Tattooed Munny figures

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The Munny is a blank, do-it-yourself toy made out of vinyl distributed by the american company Kidrobot for toy collectors and artists to decorate and re-sell. Alternatively, toy collectors commission artists to design their Munny figures and turn them into awesome decorative figures ! Salute to the artists who painstakingly painted all that fine detail into a lifeless & blank figure into life!!! In the tattoo world, everything is better tattooed! ;) Enjoy!

Artist: Cacodaemonia

Cacodaemonia is known for his collection of Tattooed Yakuzas.

Yakuza Munny by Cacodaemonia
Yakuza Munny by Cacodaemonia

Would you wish getting a tattoo was that easy? lol sometimes i do (when it hurts real bad!). But often times, nahhh. Tattoos are supposed to be earned.

Check out more of Cacodaemonia's tattooed Yakuzas at http://cacodaemonia.deviantart.com

Artist: ZAM

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Zam is an NY-based Tattoo & airbrush artist who happens to create some badass tattooed munny toys on the side!

These toys are part of his "Marked Munny" series featuring toys bearing different styles of tattoos... from tribal to japanese to sailor-inspired designs!

By Jon Paul Kaiser
By Jon Paul Kaiser

wanna take home this adorable Maori warrior so baaad!! :'((

Looks good in black & grey too!

More of Zam's works at the Kidrobot blog. ;)

Artist: Jon Paul Kaiser

Jon Paul Kaiser brings life to 'colorless' by painting amazing black & white renditions of Munny figures JPK style!

Toy made by Jon Paul Kaiser
Toy made by Jon Paul Kaiser

Jon Paul is an England-based artist who doodled his way to greatness at a very young age. And now, the results of YEARS of artistic passion & experience...

See more of JPK's works at http://www.jonpaulkaiser.com :)

A world without artists would surely be boring! Much respect to all the hard-working artists of the world. Show your support by patronizing their works & paying them right. We hope we inspired creativity in you today, whatever it may be, keep the Art flowin'! Have a great day! :D

Want one?! Purchase at http://www.kidrobot.com or at your local toy stores. Feel free to share your works here! ;)



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