12 Bold & Funny Tattoo Shop signs

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These tattoo shop signs said it very well. For those of you thinking that a tattoo shop's just some shop like a discount store where you can just buy a tattoo, you're wrong. Tattoo artists take no bullshit from no one. Good Tattoos are results of hard work. Blood, sweat and tears. It ain't cheap. And If you understand that, you are Welcome. :)

First & foremost, make sure you qualify to get a tattoo.

No A-holes allowed.

If you wanna know how to behave and make good relations with your tattoo artist, read our Professional Tattoo Etiquette Do's & Don'ts article. ;)

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in other words: KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. Artists dislike dealing with confusing & indecisive people.



Cool work by traditional sign painter Charlotte Noda.

If you think you can't handle it....

Tipping won't hurt. ;)


Didn't we say No minors are allowed?! Awesome hand-painted work from Sure Hand Signs. :)

Check out that fast & free tattoo removal sign! Using a saw! Awesome work by Chris Dobell.

Support our local signmakers. :)

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