12 Terrific Dinosaur Tattoos

12 Terrific Dinosaur Tattoos

22 years after the cult movie Jurassic Park, the most terrifying extinct monsters are back. So why not celebrate with dinosaur tattoos?
So why not celebrating with dinosaur tattoos? Dinosaurs are fascinating people for their impressive size, their ferocious look and, indeed, their dangerous reputation. The mystery of their disappearance is titillating science geeks all over the world. And indeed, geeks are getting very fun tattoos... Dinosaur tattoos can be surprisingly crazy, with very modern and surrealistic use of the T-Rex and its companions of misfortune. But with the trend of animal skulls and skeletons, you can find numerous dinosaur skeletons running on the skin of ink addicts. While waiting for the release of Jurassic World, the sequel of Jurassic Park, in June 2015, you can revive those impressive prehistoric monsters, as well as your childhood's fascination, with these fun and badass dinosaur tattoos...
Jurassic Park tattoo by Chris Jones.
Fun space triceratops by Dave Wah.
Badass T-Rex by Earthgrasper.
Funky cartoonish pirate T-Rex by Elie Hammond.
Spooky black and grey velociraptors by Matthew James.
Dinosaur tattoos by Paul Acker.
By Rich Pineda.
By Shio Zaragoza.
By Sven Rayen.
Epic Jurassic sleeve by Tom Strom...
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